I launched Inspired Times Magazine in June 2009, determined to bring news and articles that highlighted many of the inspiring community & eco projects in the UK. Inspired Times also focused on holistic health, spirituality, creativity, nutrition and numerous other uplifting topics. After 3 years as a print publication, Inspired Times Magazine went online in 2012 for a few years. It was a labour of love but sadly just wasn’t financially sustainable, and eventually I had to leave it sitting quietly online whilst I caught my breath after an amazing, but intense, roller coaster ride.

A move from Bristol into the wilds of West Wales gave me time to rethink my direction and I now work part-time as a community care support worker and teach yoga. I’ve decided to relaunch the Inspired Times website, mainly because I miss it :). Over the coming months I will upload many of the wonderful articles and recipes which were written during the 5 years of publication, as well as new articles about relevant topics and ventures. It feels exciting to be sharing the Inspired Times vision once more.

If anyone is interested in submitting a piece about their relevant project, organisation or passion, please email me for further information.

I really appreciate all your support and hope you enjoy looking around the website.

Sharon Henshall