Larkhill Tipis & Yurts… a Secret Paradise!

Posted on July 12, 2019 in Eco, Travel

Larkhill Tipis & Yurts… a Secret Paradise!

Fran and Tony, pioneers of the Glamping world, are currently celebrating their 16th year of enchanting guests with their off-grid getaway, Larkhill Tipis & Yurts. Sharon Henshall stops by this award-winning eco-escape to find out more…

I drove down a long track, edged by sheep-strewn fields and backdropped with a welcoming panoramic vista of hills, woodlands and farmland. Somewhere special awaited. Nestled within a magical 4 acre woodland in West Wales, I’d landed upon Larkhill Tipis & Yurts – a family-run holiday escape oozing with charm, character and unique outdoor abodes.

Larkhill Tipis & Yurts - Yurt Larkhill Tipis & Yurts - Hang out spot

Early Days…

Established over 15 years ago by Fran and Tony Wintle, before glamping was even a term, Larkhill has all the marks of a home-grown business built with love and hard graft. Their journey began in 1988 when they opted for a more rural lifestyle than hometown Bristol could ever have offered. Purchasing a large plot of land in West Wales, Fran and Tony raised their 2 young children here, initially creating a market garden to sell ‘veg boxes’ to the local community. Finally, they set their sights on creating an eco-friendly holiday spot aimed at those craving to escape the city’s hustle and bustle, with Larkhill Tipis & Yurts opening in 2003.

Larkhill Tipis & Yurts - Yurt

Tribal Roots…

Fran offered to show me around and I soon fell in love with the forest trail, home to a fairy village, small labyrinth encircled by trees, hammock, large Buddha, wood-carved animals and much more. The five yurts/tipis are dotted within the woodlands, each style originating from differing tribes in far-flung places. The Alachigh is the largest – sleeping 6. It is traditionally used by a nomadic tribe from northern Iran, called the Shahsavan. The other 2 yurts sleep 4, as does the Tipi and Lavvu – a structure used by the Sami tribe in Scandinavia. Each offers a luxury camping experience, with a warm décor creating a homely feel and wood-burning fires to keep you toasty in the evenings. Sit under the stars at night and reconnect with nature in style!

Larkhill Tipis & Yurts - Fairy House Larkhill Tipis & Yurts - Totum Larkhill Tipis & Yurts - Alachigh Inside

Family & Friends…

Tony’s carpentry skills have come in handy; he has created unique touches to the communal kitchen, shower unit and other nooks found on site. Amongst many other talents, Fran has turned her hand to sewing new canvases when required and adding home-made touches throughout. They make a great team, along with daughter, Catherine, who joined them last year. Making guests feel right at home obviously runs in the family – reviews are fabulous and they’ve won plenty of awards over the years for offering top-notch hospitality.

Larkhill Tipis & Yurts - KitchenLarkhill Tipis & Yurts - Interior

Visitors return year upon year and one long-term guest carved the animals and magical beings into various trees dotted around the forest trail. He also worked for over 18 months on a magnificent 18ft totem pole, which stands proudly amongst the leafy woodland. Anyone wishing to become part of Larkhill’s history can donate to a chosen charity, having your names added onto the pole in return!

Larkhill Tipis & Yurts - Woodland

Plenty to do…

What better place to get ‘back to nature’ and drop off the radar for a true bit of relaxation? Families will be happy to discover a specific play area set up for children. But ultimately, the whole forest trail is a wonderland with multitudes of magical adventures awaiting. And when you’re ready to explore further, it’s just a 30 minutes drive to local beaches and 10 minutes to a pretty town, Newcastle Emlyn. You can also explore castles, museums, a wildlife centre and enjoy shopping, eateries, walks, steam trains and so much more. Based in Carmarthenshire, West Wales, just an hour and a half drive from Cardiff, access here is easy considering how tucked away you’ll feel once settled in your new home-from-home. Don’t forget that if you’re already booked up for the summer, glamping in winter holds a charm of its own.

Larkhill Tipis & Yurts - View

As I drove away, I plotted my return. It’s one of those places which will entice you back and undoubtedly have you wanting to shout its praises from the treetops – but please, only whisper mentions of its beauty to those you trust… it’s a secret paradise after all!

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