An Introduction to YIN YOGA WORKSHOPS: Via Zoom: Sunday December 13th 2020 (£7)
Gentle Yin Yoga Workshop: 4-5.30pm
General Level Yin Yoga Workshop: 6-7.30pm

An introduction to Yin Yoga! In this workshop you will learn more about the philosophy of Yin Yoga and practice some of its archetypal postures.

Yin yoga targets the deep connective tissues, bones, joints and ligaments in the body. We often use cushions/bolsters/blocks to allow us to relax the muscles of the target area and sink into postures for longer. This ensures we have a deeper release of tension and tightness in areas we don’t normally reach.

Benefits: Increases circulation & hydration in the facia/joints to reduce stiffness, encourage a healthier range of motion and keep our bodies flexible, supple and youthful! Teaches us to slow down and have a healthier connection with our body’s needs. Calms the mind/reduces stress.

Yin Yoga also focuses on the energy body, stimulating energy lines and acupressure points. This adds an even deeper dimension to our practice, regulating any energy imbalances within our system.

Email sharon[at] if interested.